Welcome to the Tisia Hotel & Spa* * * * superior Hotel (hereinafter ‘Hotel’).

We hope you will have a good time by us, also a pleasant relaxation and an enjoyable holiday. To achieve this, we and our colleagues will do our utmost to make your stay with us unforgettable, but the cooperation of our Guests is also essential, and we provide guidance on how to achieve this through our Hotel Rules below.

 The Hotel Rules are an integral part of the Hotel Contract.


Before using the Hotel services, the Guest is required to fill in a registration form.

The Guest will receive a chip card as a room key, which requires the registration of the Guest(s) staying in the room.

Registration involves the accurate completion of a registration form and proof of identity of the Guest(s). Completion of the registration form is compulsory for all persons, either by filling in the form sent in advance or on the spot.

The presentation of identification is a contractual condition considered essential by the Hotel.

In the case of stateless persons and non-EU citizens, the presentation and handing over of a stateless card or passport is required by law.

By signing the registration form, the Guest agrees that the personal data provided by filling in the registration form may be processed and archived by the Hotel for the purposes of the conclusion of the contract, the verification of its performance and fulfilment, and the possible assertion of claims, within the limitation period. In addition, by signing the registration form, the Guest agrees that the service provider Hotel may process the data for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations under the relevant legislation (in particular with regard to the tourism law and tourism tax) and for the purpose of proving compliance with such obligations, as long as the competent authority is able to verify compliance with the obligations under the relevant legislation.

The provision of the mandatory data by the Guest is a condition for the use of the Hotel service.

Mandatory data to be provided: name, address, nationality, identity card/passport number, place and date of birth.

Optional data: email address, telephone number.

On the hotel registration form, the Guest may declare that he/she consents to the use of the personal data provided on the registration form by Tisia Event Kft., the operator of Tisia Hotel & Spa, for marketing purposes. On the basis of this consent, Tisia Event Kft. shall be entitled, in particular, but not exclusively, to send the Guest its offers and other information by post, e-mail or other means.

Tisia Event Kft. is entitled to use the personal data of the data subject for marketing purposes until the Guest withdraws his/her consent in writing.

Rooms can be occupied from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival.

Rooms can be occupied earlier by prior arrangement, subject to availability.


On the day of check-out, the Guest is obliged to leave the room with his/her luggage and belongings by 10:00 a.m. and to hand in the chip card received at check-in at the Reception. If the card is not returned, the Hotel may charge a fee of HUF 2,500 / card.

In the event of late departure, the Hotel is entitled to charge a surcharge as specified in the contract.

The Guest shall pay the price of his/her stay at the Hotel, including any other services used, no later than before his/her final departure from the Hotel, in the manner specified in the Hotel Contract.

In the event of refusal to pay for any reason whatsoever, the Hotel shall be entitled to retain the Guest's belongings brought into the Hotel and to enforce its lien thereon.

In the event of unpaid departure, the Hotel shall, in addition to reporting the Guest to the police, enforce its claim against the Guest through legal proceedings, the costs of which shall be paid by the Guest.

Please note that the Hotel will debit the Guest's credit card or invoice the Guest for the amount of any unpaid charges for services incurred after the date of the stay.


Only guests registered at the reception are allowed in the hotel rooms. 

The Guest is responsible for the conduct of his/her visitor, including any damage caused. The Hotel excludes any liability for any damage caused by the Visitor to the Guest and/or third parties.

The Hotel will charge a daily rate /rack rate for any Guest exceeding the number of guests stated in the reservation.


Guests under the age of 18 may use the Hotel's services only with a parent or with written permission from the parent. 

In the case of group holidays, minors are the responsibility of the accompanying teachers or adult group leaders.

The persons accompanying the child are responsible for the child's safety and any damage caused by the child.

No alcohol may be consumed on the premises of the Hotel by persons under the age of 18. The parent of a person under the age of 18, or a person of legal capacity authorised by him/her, shall be responsible for the observance/enforcement of this obligation. The parent or person with legal capacity authorised by the parent shall be fully liable for the legal, moral and financial consequences of any breach of this obligation.


In accordance with the relevant legislation, our hotel accepts officially registered assistance animals accompanying a disabled person for a cleaning fee of HUF 5,000 /night. The hotel reserves the right to ask for the animal's official papers to prove eligibility. The assistance dog must be provided with a distinctive sign with the logo of the training organisation. Emotional support (therapy) animals are not considered assistance animals. The hotel is not in a position to provide food for the animals or the necessary equipment for their care and maintenance.

 In order to ensure the privacy of other guests, meals are served in a designated area for the guests arriving with assistance animals.

 Please note that the liability for damage caused by the assistance dog is governed by the rules of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code on the liability of pet owners.

The use of a leash is compulsory when walking or driving on the Hotel premises.

For public health reasons, pets are not allowed in the indoor public areas of the Hotel (restaurant, wellness and thermal area, children's playground, etc.).

The pet owner is obliged to clean up the faeces immediately; otherwise an extra surcharge will be applied.


The Guest is obliged to use the Hotel's facilities and equipment as intended, and to preserve the integrity of his/her material assets. 

The Guest is obliged to compensate for any damage resulting from improper use upon the Hotel's request, but at the latest before his/her departure.

The Hotel will charge a special compensation fee for damages caused by negligence or under the influence of alcohol. Furnishings and equipment of the Hotel may be removed from the Hotel's premises only with the prior written consent of the Hotel. 

Any rearrangement of the Hotel room or moving of furniture may only be carried out by a Hotel employee or the designated staff of the Hotel.

The removal of Hotel property without the prior written permission of the Hotel is regarded as a criminal offence and, in this case, the Hotel shall take the necessary criminal and civil legal actions.

The Guest shall notify the Hotel of any malfunction of any equipment or devices of the Hotel. The Guest shall not be entitled to repair or attempt to repair the defect himself/herself. The Hotel shall not be liable for any damage or injury resulting therefrom and the Guest causing the damage shall be liable for such damage or injury.


The hotel has a Wi-Fi system, the use of which is free of charge.

The Guest will receive the password for the Wi-Fi connection upon check-in at the Hotel, at the same time as receiving the room card. The password received will be used to connect to the TISIA GUEST network.

The continuous, uninterrupted operation and availability of Wi-Fi is not guaranteed by the Hotel.

The Hotel shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage to the Guest's device or its contents during or as a result of the use of Wi-Fi. 

The Guest uses the service at his/her own risk and responsibility.


Calls within the hotel are free of charge.

There is a charge for the use of the room telephone. The Hotel will automatically charge the cost of telephone calls to the Guest's room account at the Hotel's surcharge based on the rates of the telephone company providing the service.

The call will be charged until the phone is disconnected.

Any additional costs incurred due to the incorrect use of the telephone by the Guest will be charged to the Guest.


The Hotel operates a closed-circuit camera system in the building and its external (street) and internal (courtyard) surroundings for the security of the Guests and the Hotel's property and persons, which continuously records 24 hours a day.

In addition, the Hotel has a 10-hour security service every day between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m..

In the event of fire, the Guest is obliged to follow the escape route posted in the room and the instructions of the fire extinguisher on site. Fire extinguisher bottles are located in the corridors of the Hotel on each floor. In case of fire, the Guest is obliged to immediately alert the Reception. The Hotel Fire Safety Regulations are available at the Reception.

It is forbidden to use own iron, kettle, coffee maker and other electrical appliances not included in the normal travel necessities, with the exception of laptops, notebooks, tablets, cameras, video cameras, in the Hotel room.

Due to the risk of electric shock it is forbidden to use any electrical appliances in the Hotel room while taking a shower or bath, using running water or a bathtub filled with water.

Any unauthorised technical intervention in the equipment and furnishings of the rooms is strictly prohibited. The Hotel cannot be held responsible for any resulting actions.


Guests can use their key card to energise electrical appliances and open the door to their room. 

The key card must be inserted in the card reader next to the door. 

If the Guest loses his/her key card during his/her stay at the Hotel, he/she must inform the Reception immediately. Please return the card to Reception on departure. In case of loss or damage of the key card, the compensation fee is HUF 2,500 / card.


The Guest can exchange wellness towels and bathrobes at the SPA Reception on the ground floor for a towel and bathrobe card, which is handed over on arrival. 

Upon arrival, the value of the towel and bathrobe cards will be automatically debited to the Guest's account and will be cancelled upon departure after the cards have been returned in full. 

Value of towel card: HUF 5,000 /pc; Adult bathrobe card value HUF 15,000 /pc; Child bathrobe card value HUF 11,000 /pc

Before departure, after returning the towel and bathrobe the card is given back to the Guest, which must be handed in at the Hotel Reception upon departure. 

In case of loss of towels and bathrobe cards or failure to return them at departure, the Guest will be charged the amount as compensation.


Our hotel is affiliated with the Tiszaújváros Spa and Open-Air Bath, thus our guests can use the services of the Spa pool with direct access, wearing a bathrobe, during opening hours without any restrictions, this is included in the room rate.

During your stay, please follow the rules of the Tiszaújváros Spa and Open-Air Bath.

Our guests can use the Sauna World service of the Tiszaújváros Spa for a daily fee. This amount can be charged to the room bill or paid on the spot.


The following items are prohibited from being brought into the Hotel:

The Hotel may, upon the Guest's prior written request, authorise in writing certain items to be brought into the Hotel.

Provided the Guest brings into the Hotel's premises any item that is not admissible without the Hotel's prior written consent, the Hotel may remove or have the item removed at the Guest's expense.

The Hotel shall not be liable for any damage caused to the property brought in without permission.

The Guest shall be fully liable, both legally and financially, for any damage or injury caused to other Guests, third parties or the Hotel by the unauthorised entry.


This is a non-smoking Hotel. This means that smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited in the enclosed areas of the Hotel (including Guest Rooms), in the public areas and in all open areas of the Hotel, except in designated smoking areas. 

A designated smoking area for our guests has been established in the inner courtyard, which can be accessed via the exit next to the SPA Reception.

The Hotel staff is entitled to warn Guests and any other person on the Hotel premises to comply with this regulation and to stop smoking or using electric cigarettes. 

The Guest or any other person on the Hotel premises shall comply with this provision and any such notice. 

Please note that Guests who smoke in the room despite the warning will be charged an extra cleaning fee of HUF 40,000 /room.

In case the Hotel is fined by the competent authority under the relevant legislation for the illegal conduct of any Guest or any other person staying at the Hotel, the Hotel shall be entitled to charge the amount of the fine to the person who committed the offence or to demand payment of the fine.


On entering the room, select one of the following from the signals on the digital panel next to the electronic card reader.

Hotel staff will clean the rooms continuously from 8 am onwards.  The Guest's "Do not disturb" sign is clearly indicated by the digital panel indicating the room number in red, so that the Hotel staff does not disturb, knock or enter the room.

On the day of the Guest's departure, the Hotel staff may enter the room after 10 a.m. (check-out time) despite the warning sign “Do not disturb” on the digital panel indicating the room number.

In an emergency situation (e.g. fire, terrorist attack, etc.) without any prior notice or when the Hotel has reasonable grounds to believe, based on the information available to it, that the life, health, safety, security or property of the Guest or any property, valuables or employees of the Hotel in the room are in danger, may be in danger or may be damaged and the Guest does not respond to the Hotel's telephone call, the Hotel's employees are entitled to enter the room.

The Hotel shall not be liable for any damage or injury resulting from the improper use of the "Do not disturb" warning sign.


The hotel cleans the room once a day, between 8:00 and 16:00.

If during this period the room cleaners see a red warning sign “Do not disturb” on the digital panel indicating the room number, the room will not be cleaned and the Guest will not be entitled to any reduction or compensation.

During the daily cleaning, the following will be carried out: airing ● making up the bed (if no valuables or personal belongings have been placed on it) ● emptying the ashtray on the balcony ● emptying the trash ● cleaning the bathroom ● replacing toilet paper and toiletries ● washing up glasses 

Please note that, for environmental reasons, only towels placed on the bathroom floor are changed by the Hotel and that bed linen is changed every 3 days.

In addition, in order to protect the environment, we offer our Guests the choice to reduce the number of cleanings. In return for the "no cleaning" choice, we will reward you with a drink in the Tisia Bar with a coupon. (max. 2 coupons/night for 1 room) We highly advise our guests to use the "Do not disturb" sign on the digital panel indicating the room number in red. Coupons can be collected at the Reception.


The Hotel provides laundry and ironing services according to the laundry list. The laundry list and price list are available in the room wardrobe.

In accordance with the Hotel's fire safety regulations, the use of an iron in the room is prohibited.


For reasons of hygiene, the minibar in our hotel is stocked according to the request of our guests. If you have not requested a refill in advance, at the time of booking or check-in, we will provide you with a free bottle of carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water upon arrival.


Guests may park their vehicles free of charge in the covered, fenced, barrier-controlled parking lot opposite the hotel, which is monitored by a camera. 

Parking spaces are limited and cannot be reserved in advance.

The car park is subject to traffic regulations.  

If the Guest wishes to use the car park, he/she must indicate the registration number of the vehicle on the registration form at check-in. Failure to do so will result in the car park being unusable for the Guest.

The Hotel is not liable for any damage caused to the parked car (weather, damage caused by another vehicle, etc.).

The Guest shall be directly liable to the injured party for any damage caused by him/her to another parked car.

Please leave the service entrance free.

Please use the car park in front of the main entrance for a maximum of 15 minutes during check-in and check-out.

For disabled guests, one parking space is available in front of the main entrance.


We offer this service free of charge to our hotel guests.

Type of cable to connect to the installed car charging station: IEC62196-2


Breakfast is available from 6:30-10 a.m. on weekdays and from 7-10:30 a.m. on weekends.

Breakfast is included in the room rate.

Breakfast is served as a buffet, i.e. without waiters; guests serve themselves from a selection of meals and beverages on the tables set up in the breakfast room.

The Hotel offers unlimited meal consumption from the breakfast buffet table, but no food or drink may be taken away for later consumption. If the Guest brings food and/or drinks out of the breakfast room for later consumption without the prior permission of the Hotel, the Hotel is entitled to charge the Guest an extra service fee of HUF 3,000/person/occasion.


At our Hotel, during lunch time, between 12 a.m. and 3 p.m., guests can choose from our à la carte menu and the Chef's Daily special that always includes fresh ingredients depending on the season.


Dinner is available from 6-9 p.m. and the menu changes daily (kitchen closes at 9 p.m.).

Dinner is included in the price of the publicly available room.

In order to serve our guests to the highest standards, dinner may be scheduled in two rounds depending on occupancy. Appointments can be made at the Reception, either before arrival or on the spot.

Group I.      6 – 7:30 p.m.                  Group II.             7:30 - 9 p.m.

Dinner is served as a buffet, i.e. without waiters; guests serve themselves from a selection of meals and beverages on the tables set up in the restaurant.

Beverages are ordered and served by our staff.

The Hotel offers unlimited meal consumption from the buffet table at dinner, but no food or drinks may be taken away for later consumption. If the Guest takes meal and/or beverages out of the restaurant for later consumption without the prior permission of the Hotel, the Hotel is entitled to charge the Guest an extra service fee of HUF 3,000/person/occasion.


Guests are kindly requested to respect the general dress code.

Appropriate attire is expected in the Hotel's catering areas and during half-board meals, especially at dinner time.  Bathrobes, slippers, shorts and tracksuits are not acceptable in our restaurants and the bar. 

Sportswear is recommended in the fitness room. The fitness room is open during the opening hours and in accordance with the rules of the house, which are also posted at the entrance.


For the guests' perfect peace and tranquillity, no loud noise, music, noisy activities, sound effects, television, radio, etc., which disturb the room, are allowed in the Hotel after 10 p.m., except for events or programmes organised or authorised by the Hotel.

Any conduct or behaviour which disturbs the peace, safety, security, sense of security or privacy of others, which constitutes or may constitute harassment or intimidation of others, is prohibited on the premises of the Hotel, regardless of the time.

The Hotel staff is entitled to warn the Guest who is disorderly and/or loud. The first warning is free of charge, the second and third warnings will be charged by the Hotel at HUF 5,000 each to the room bill of the warned Guest. After the third warning, the Hotel shall be entitled to terminate the Hotel Contract unilaterally and with immediate effect and to expel the Guest from the Hotel without any obligation to refund and/or compensate the Guest.

The Hotel shall not be liable for any damage caused by the Guest's conduct to other Guests.

 The Hotel is partly a conference hotel, so some events may result in Guest(s) behaving louder than usual in other places, making broader gestures, reacting differently than usual, or having louder sound effects (e.g. music) than usual.

Thank you for your understanding.


Upon illness of the Guest while using the accommodation service and is unable to act on his/her own, the Hotel will offer medical assistance. 

The Guest shall use the offered medical assistance at his/her own risk and responsibility. 

The doctor is not an employee, agent or collaborator of the Hotel, and the Hotel excludes any responsibility for the diagnosis, the therapy used and its consequences. 

In the event of the illness/death of the Guest, the Hotel shall claim reimbursement of the costs incurred by the relatives, heirs or bill payers of the sick/deceased person; for any medical and procedural costs, for the value of services used prior to the death, and for any damage to equipment and furnishings in connection with the illness/death.

In the event of a contagious illness of the Guest, the Hotel shall be entitled to terminate the Hotel Contract with immediate effect without refund or compensation. In this case, the Guest shall be obliged to leave the Hotel with his/her luggage at his/her own expense within the period specified in the Hotel's notice of termination. In the event of contagious illness, the Hotel shall act in accordance with Decree No. 18/1998 (VI. 3.) of the Ministry for National Economy. (This regulation stipulates what to do in case of contagious illness. According to the Regulation, if such a suspicion exists, the Hotel will call a doctor and the doctor will determine whether or not the Guest is contagious.)


Found objects can be left at the reception.  

Food, food-related articles and medicines will be disposed of by the Hotel. 

The Hotel will keep the storable items for 6 months. Valuable items (e.g. jewellery, mobile phones) are kept for 1 year.

The Housekeeping manager will keep a record of found objects.

If the rightful owner of the found object comes forward, he/she can collect the object upon presentation and signature of a document proving his/her identity and reimbursement of the costs incurred for storage and possible postage. 

 Environment protection

Littering is FORBIDDEN on the premises of the Hotel. Please think of the next guests and leave the accommodation clean when you leave.

Please dispose of your rubbish in the collection bins provided.

Please respect the plants and bushes in the Hotel. Please do not break or cut off branches or shoots (if this bothers you, please let the Reception know), do not trample over seedlings, and when parking, please keep an eye on the plants bordering the car park.

Do not drive nails into the trees or pour food waste or pollutants on the vegetation. It is also not allowed to dig a trench or a pit temporarily.


The Hotel shall be liable for securities, cash and other valuables if the Hotel has received the item for safekeeping or refused to receive it for safekeeping.  Therefore, the Hotel expressly reminds the Guest to hand over cash, valuables and securities to the Hotel for safekeeping (central safe, safe deposit policy), and the Hotel shall not be liable for the deposit of such items in the safe deposit box in the room.

If the safe does not work or does not work properly, the Guest is obliged to inform the Hotel Reception immediately. The Guest shall be liable for any damage caused by failure to inform the Hotel or by delay in informing the Hotel.

The Hotel shall be liable for damage to other items brought in by the Guest only if the damage occurred in a place normally used by the Guest or open to the Guest, such as: the Hotel room, corridor, lobby, garden, parking lot; and the damage was caused by a cause attributable to the Hotel.

The Hotel shall be liable for damage to the Guest's property brought into the Hotel, except for property excluded from being brought into the Hotel, if it is proved that the property was brought into the Hotel. The burden of proof is on the Guest. 

The Hotel shall be liable for any such damage up to a maximum of fifty times the daily room rate paid by the Guest.

The Hotel is exempted from its obligation to pay compensation if it proves that the damage was caused by a cause beyond the control of the Guests and the employees, that the damage was caused by the Guest himself or herself, or that the damage was caused by the Guest's lack of due diligence.

The Guest shall use the equipment, wellness and other services of the Hotel as intended and in full knowledge of his/her health, physical and mental condition, therefore the Hotel excludes any liability for damages resulting from the use or use of the equipment, wellness and other services of the Hotel not as intended or not in accordance with the actual health, physical and mental condition of the Guest.

The Hotel is not liable for damage caused by the elements or storms (hail, falling trees, falling branches, etc.); fire, infections and diseases, criminal or administrative offences, or acts of terrorism.

The Guest may, at his/her own risk, request a wake-up call, which is a gesture of attention on the part of the Hotel and is not part of the contractual service provided by the Hotel. The Hotel shall not be liable for any damage resulting from failure to provide the requested wake-up call or from a delay in providing the wake-up call.



 The Hotel will provide information about the Guest's current, past or future stay at the Hotel to third parties, including the Guest's close relatives, only with the Guest's prior written consent.

This prohibition of information does not apply to requests made under the law.

The Guest acknowledges that the Hotel is obliged by law to disclose to the requesting authority the personal data of the Guest requested in the official letter, provided that the legal conditions for such disclosure are met.

The Hotel may not object to the provision of data on the basis of a legal, administrative or judicial decision.

The Hotel has a reporting obligation to the National Tourism Data Supply Centre (NTDSC), therefore a reporting form must be completed for each person. The following data is entered into the NTDSC system: sex, year of birth, place of birth and postcode. The NTDSC system can only be used for the digital processing of statistical data for statistical purposes. It does not receive or store any personal data relating to Guests.

For further information visit: https://info.ntak.hu/bemutatkozas/

As of 1 September 2021, the amendment of Act CLVI of 2016 obliges accommodation providers to record the personal data of all guests staying in Hungarian accommodation, as defined by law, on a storage space provided by a hosting provider designated by the Government for the purposes specified in the Act.

The accommodation service provider Hotel shall record the following data at the time of check-in of the accommodation service user by means of the document scanner: name and surname; name and surname at birth; place and date of birth; sex; nationality; mother's name and surname at birth; identification data of the identity document or travel document.

The accommodation provider Hotel will process the data of the guests until the last day of the first year after the data is made available to it, and the VIZA system will keep the data submitted to it for a maximum of two years. The data may only be searched for specific purposes by the police, for the purpose of crime prevention and law enforcement.


These Hotel rules and regulations are valid until revoked.

We kindly ask our Guests to comply with these rules.

 Tisia Hotel & Spa Management

Tisia Event KFT