Breakfast buffet

We know very well that the first meal of the day is the most important. That's why we've designed our breakfast menu so that everyone can find a delicious meal to suit their tastes. In addition to the exclusive environment, gourmet standards are also guaranteed for breakfast. Discover our delicious dishes and book your room today!


The price estimate does not imply any commitment to make a reservation. Feel free to make a calculation and if the price is right, make your reservation!

Breakfast buffet in Tisia Hotel

A breakfast buffet is included in the price of the accommodations. Of course, we also welcome those who don't like the hassle of preparing breakfast, but like a rich and delicious meal. We welcome not only our hotel guests but also all hungry visitors.

Tisia breakfast: Prices of the breakfast buffet

For our latest prices, please contact our front office colleagues. Please contact us for the exact prices!

Exkluzív svédasztal a Tisia Hotelben

Our breakfast buffet selection

Our breakfast buffet selection allows our guests to choose from a variety of premium quality meals and beverages, so everyone can find the right dish to suit their taste. We also provide delicious meals for guests with special dietary needs. In this case, please inform our colleagues before your arrival, so that we can guarantee you a culinary experience!

We are committed to a healthy lifestyle, which is why we also provide healthy food in our breakfast menu. We also respect the needs of guests with food allergies and intolerances, so we also provide a range of allergy-free dishes. In this case, it is a good idea to let us know at the same time as you make your reservation what food allergies you have so that we can make sure you have the same delicious and enjoyable dining experience!

Business Breakfast

A great breakfast not only makes for a great holiday experience, it also helps to make your business a success. Today's important negotiations and meetings no longer take place in a boring office. These days, collaborations take place in memorable, exclusive locations.
If we talk about Tiszaújváros, restaurants and luxury environments, then only Tisia Restaurant comes to mind. For building partnerships, there is no better place than the restaurant part of our hotel, where you can choose from our buffet menu, and we can also provide privacy in our VIP room for 6-10 people. And if you want a really special experience, you can also book a seat in our hotel's unique and cozy Winter Garden, which doubles as a terrace during the summer season. 

Other family or business events

The Tisia Hotel is also the perfect venue for a variety of events. With our private rooms and helpful staff, we guarantee the smooth flow of your events. Looking for a premium wedding venue with accommodation, or a birthday party location ? Our hotel offers an excellent location for both small and large groups.

Svédasztalos reggeli széles választéka Tiszaújváros közkedvelt szállodájában

Whether it's an informal family event or a corporate event, the comfort, luxurious surroundings, and gourmet cuisine guarantee an unforgettable experience for all participants. The VIP room can accommodate up to 10 people and provides an elegant atmosphere, while our large function room for up to 260 people is suitable for large-scale events. Our three separate section rooms, equipped with modern technical equipment, can also be connected if requested, so we can provide a place for business conferences and training sessions.

In addition to premium venues and state-of-the-art technical equipment, our professional and helpful staff will ensure that your event is handled right from the planning stage.

What kind of events can we host?

Breakfast buffet: Why is the Tisia Hotel a great choice?

The four-star superior Tisia Hotel & Spa offers exclusive surroundings and special cuisine for visitors, locals, and guests alike.

Family-friendly setting

The whole hotel and the restaurant are kid-friendly. We have a special menu for the youngest members of the family, with a selection of popular dishes for all ages.
In addition, our Labyrinth playhouse, located near the restaurant, ensures that children can spend time in a fun and safe environment. So, in addition to adults, children are guaranteed to have a joyful time.

Breakfast buffet in the center of Tiszaújváros

The Tisia Hotel is located in the heart of Tiszaújváros, on Teleki Street. Thanks to its central location, it is a great choice for those traveling to see the sights of the area.

Breakfast buffet and diverse programs

Our hotel restaurant not only hosts individual programs but also organizes events for our guests. Cultural events, shows, and tastings. These events are, of course, also available to our guests and visitors too. You should inform yourself about most recent programs ourbefore you arrive.

Delicious food and an exclusive location, please feel free to contact us!



The price estimate does not imply any commitment to make a reservation. Feel free to make a calculation and if the price is right, make your reservation!